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  • What I Think About Emojis
    If you’ve seen me online at all, you’ve probably guessed that I’m a fan of emojis. You are correct. I use them often, maybe too much, and some times in twos, threes or more. I’m sure some people roll their […]
  • Edward II And The Necromancer Who Tried To Kill Him
    When I was at uni, I spent an awful lot of time digging through dusty old books. Our uni library was perfect for someone like me: the history section had loads of history journals and Victorian reprints of medieval documents, […]
  • Collectivism and Individualism in European Literature
    When we look at European history through a modern lens, it seems apparent that Western culture has always placed great value on personal achievement. Recent discourse in some historical circles has pointed out the persistently individualistic nature of Western attitudes—many […]
  • Cooking Corn Fritters And Frikadeller!
    I’ve got the house to myself this week (the fam are on holiday), so I’ve taken the opportunity to try cooking some new foods! I’ve taken some recipes friends have given me and had a go at cooking them, without […]

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