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Latest Blog Posts

  • What Did The Anglo-Saxons Think Of The Romans?
    The past’s not new. For as long as people have been around, they’ve been thinking about the people who came before them. I find this very interesting. It’s not something we really talk about often. I think it’s a bit […]
  • My First YouTube Video (Why I Like Fantasy)
    Yeah, I bit the bullet and made a video. The first one I attemped wasn’t very good. I read from a script, and it really sounded like it. Blah. But I have like 30 draft blog posts for this blog […]
  • A Eulogy For Bloomers And Tarts
    Bloomers and Tarts was a sandwich shop. It might not look like much, and it may have been years since I ate from there, but I loved it. I live in a pretty big village. I mean, there are two […]
  • Tiny Letters From Me
    We’re told over and over again that we need an author newsletter, right? Well, I was stubborn. “Not me!” I said. I didn’t want the stress of managing people’s emails. They’re trusting you with their personal data, after all. I […]